ASP.NET - Dynamic Controls

2. March 2011 19:18

This is a quick guide to show you away of creating as many dynamic controls as is required on a web page. For some reason a lot of developers typically seem to struggle when dealing with dynamic controls. They really are not that difficult to understand so long as you follow a few basic rules and understand a few myths about dynamic controls. More...

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MS SQL - Kill connections by host

1. March 2011 22:18

This can be really useful if you have a run away workstation or application that is running on a specific client host which is hammering a data server. It will allow you to kick all the connections from that specific host very quickly. Before running the stored procedure you may want to make sure which hosts have the most logins if you don't already know. By running the following ... More...

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C# Resize an image by size of height

1. March 2011 22:06

The goal of this is simple. To resize an image to a certain maximum width or maximum height. For this i have created a couple of function's for dealing with image size. Of course the trick here is to maintain the aspect ratio of the image during the resize operation to make sure that the image will not appear squashed.

Here are the functions More...

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