Scam - Lottery

13. March 2011 15:04

Great! Apparently I have won the lottery. Which i didn't enter of course!


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Scam - Paypal

10. March 2011 23:59

It would appear the following paypal scam seems to be doing the rounds over the last week or so. Though it isn't the hardest to spot. Still possible that the non technical users are able to fall for it.


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MSSQL - Building a Tally Table

10. March 2011 19:28

I am sure you have come across tally tables on firums or other sources of information on the internet. But what are they for?

The answer to that is really simple. It give you a basic range of numbers that you can reference.


So here is a really quick way to build a tally table.



SELECT TOP 1000000
	INTO Tally
	FROM sys.all_columns a1, sys.all_columns a2

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C# - Saving Settings using serialization

10. March 2011 18:50

Almost every windows program that is written for windows at some stage needs to save some settings ... Somewhere. Some method are better that others depending on what needs to be be saved. Here is a method todo that by serializing an entire class and saving it in the user app data folder on their computer.


It does not require much to enable this sort of functionality. Though it can be far superior to the existing set that exists by default in visual studio as it allows you to save an active data state for example and then when the program restarts it's possible to continue from where you left off.


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C# - Logoff

7. March 2011 19:49

Here is a quick set of functions that will allow you to reboot / shutdown / logoff windows from c#


I was flicking though some things on another / c# and stumbled across the following post. It is aimed at providing a solution in VB.NET to reboot a computer. However I think its a pretty poor attempt at solving the problem so I have been digging though my code base and found the following solution.


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