Removing the kernel to save space

11. January 2012 11:46

I heard this from a fellow sysadmin friend.  My friend was forced to work with some sysadmins who didn't have their act together.  One day, one of them was "cleaning" the filesytem and saw a file called "vmunix" in /. "Hmm, this is taking up a lot of space - let's delete it".  "rm /vmunix".


My friend had to reinstall the entire OS on that machine after his coworker did this "cleanup".  Ahh, the hazards of working with sysadmins who really shouldn't be sysadmins in the first place. When this happened to a colleague (when I worked somewhere else) he restored vmunix by copying from another machine.


Unfortunately, a 68000 kernel does not run very well on a Sparc...

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Clearing Core Files

4. January 2012 11:44


At one place where I worked, someone had set up cron to delete any file named "core" more than a few days old, since disk space was always tight and most users wouldn't know what core files were or care about them.  Unfortunately not everyone knew about this and one user lost a plain text file (a project proposal) he'd spent a one lot of time working on because he called it "core". 


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Expanding File Systems

29. December 2011 11:43

Here's one that will show that you shouldn't work on a system that you don't thourghly understand.


At my "previous" employer I was instructed to install a new (larger) disk drive in a RS/6000 system. Since a full backup of the system was done the previous day I just looked at the file systems vi a df to see which were on the drive that I was replacing. After this I did a tape backup of these filesystems, ran smit and did a remove of these filesystems.  I then installed the new disk and brought the system back up.  When I ran smit and when I was able to do the installation of the new drive and setup the file systems I was figuring that this was going to be an easy one.


WRONG!!  I was aware that you could expand filesystems under AIX but was not aware that it would expand them 'across physical drives'!!! I first realized that I was in trouble when I went to read in the backup tape and cpio was not found. I did an ls of the /usr/bin directory and it said that the file was there but when I tried to run it it was not found. and of course when I went looking for the original install tape it was not to be found....


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Cant Work today.

28. December 2011 18:20

I can't respond to any emails today. Something has crashed on my computer and the mouse is missing

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Keep your changes. Or nothing?

21. December 2011 20:10


Here's another story.


Just imagine having the file in /etc. Now, I was working on the sendmail stuff and had come up with lots of which I wanted to get rid of so I typed "rm -f *". At first I was surprised about how much time it took to remove some 10 files or so. Hitting the interrupt key, when I finally saw what had happened was way to late, though.


Fortune has it that I'm a very lazy person. That's why I never bothered to just back up directories with data that changes often. Therefore I managed to restore /etc successfully before rebooting... :-) Happy end, after all. Of course I had lost the only well working version of my

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