More Stuff

25. January 2012 19:48


I fix some issues and created some new goodies to play with. 


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Tools - 1 New 2 Updated

7. April 2011 20:09

I have decided to release another really simple tool. Since MSSQL Express does not really come with an easy way to dump a large amount of data to csv file because it does not have support for the data transformation service. So a while ago I wrote a tool to turn sql statements into csv files. It is avilable to download here


I have also updated two other tools due to bugs (mostly in the installer)


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NetFlow Stats

18. March 2011 20:04

Something that i knocked together a while ago for generating netflow stats from a cisco router. Its a little tool that when used properly on small / medium sized network it makes it possible to locate bandwidth hogs on limited internet connection very quickly.


You can get it from the netflow hosts page

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MSSQL - Defrag Tool

17. March 2011 12:01


I have updated the little tool i use for rebuilding / reorganizing index's in ms sql. The following has changed.


  • Added Re organize selected
  • Added filter to remove index's below a certain page count


The latest version is avilable here

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MS SQL Index Tool

24. February 2011 21:05

So many people have written ms sql index rebuild script that there are already so many to find on the internet. However not many people have written a small simple application that simply solves the problem for most people. Allowing them to connect, view the status of the index's and rebuild them if required.

Main Features so far

  • Provide list of index's with fragmentation percentage
  • Take recommended action on fragmented index's
  • Rebuild selected index's
  • Rebuild all index's in a database


You can read more about it here




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