Egg Spam

28. January 2011 15:00


It looks like Egg (The online Bank) has turned into a bunch of spammers. There is some background to this as to why it is spam and not just normal email.

Over the last while I started to get a lot of email from them offering me 0% balances trandfers etc..

This is a log of the emails:

2011 - Jan - 6 - 1 EMail
2011 - Jan - 14 - 3 EMails * 
2011 - Jan - 17 - 2 EMails
2011 - Jan - 20 - 2 EMails
2011 - Jan - 24 - 2 EMails
2011 - Jan - 27 - 2 EMails

* This is when I requested an unsubscribe.

There response was:

I've forwarded your email on to the relevant department to ensure that all relevant email addresses are removed from or marketing lists as requested.

So after still getting emails over a week later I started complaining again. They responded with the following.


I've forwarded your details on to the relevant department to ensure that you are removed from our marketing lists.

The marketing team do plan around 10 weeks in advance so you may get some mail filter through over the coming weeks but this will then stop.


So after complaining that they say it takes 10 weeks to comply with a simple removal from their marketing database they sent the following in response.


The email you've sent me hasn't been sent through our secure website, therefore I'm unable to confirm your identity and access your personal details and account information.

This email service is for general product enquiries only.


* Go to
* Click on 'your accounts', found to the top right of the page.
* You'll then be taken through security and asked to enter information such as your mother's maiden name and your password.


Of course I could attempt to do this. However I have never had an account with egg and from the way that they are currently using their over aggressive marketing I will probably be avoiding them in the future.

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