Spam - Dell

11. April 2011 19:59

It looks like Dell has been a little dirty with their mailing lists. Using my old email address. Over the recent months since about chrismas (2010) dell started sending spam in my general direction. Under the UK data protection laws this should not be possible since they have to assure that personal information is accurate. Which of course it is.


However it gets worse. Since I hit an a unsubscribe link. The offical dell emails appeared to stop and then more dell emails started to suddenly come from somebody calling them selves Digital UK in the email header. Of course the unsubscribe from these emails does not appear to work are being sent from random servers and are also being sent from rotated domain names. Which in my terms means they are a straght up spammer since they are attempting to get around filters.


The people calling them selves Digital UK appear to also now be sending more spam for other companies. This only started sometime after the first dell email was recived. So I am adding dell to my list of dirty companies who are incapable of dealing with data in a legal and correct matter and of course adding them to the list of companies I would prefere never to deal with again.

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