Expanding File Systems

29. December 2011 11:43

Here's one that will show that you shouldn't work on a system that you don't thourghly understand.


At my "previous" employer I was instructed to install a new (larger) disk drive in a RS/6000 system. Since a full backup of the system was done the previous day I just looked at the file systems vi a df to see which were on the drive that I was replacing. After this I did a tape backup of these filesystems, ran smit and did a remove of these filesystems.  I then installed the new disk and brought the system back up.  When I ran smit and when I was able to do the installation of the new drive and setup the file systems I was figuring that this was going to be an easy one.


WRONG!!  I was aware that you could expand filesystems under AIX but was not aware that it would expand them 'across physical drives'!!! I first realized that I was in trouble when I went to read in the backup tape and cpio was not found. I did an ls of the /usr/bin directory and it said that the file was there but when I tried to run it it was not found. and of course when I went looking for the original install tape it was not to be found....


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