Removing the kernel to save space

11. January 2012 11:46

I heard this from a fellow sysadmin friend.  My friend was forced to work with some sysadmins who didn't have their act together.  One day, one of them was "cleaning" the filesytem and saw a file called "vmunix" in /. "Hmm, this is taking up a lot of space - let's delete it".  "rm /vmunix".


My friend had to reinstall the entire OS on that machine after his coworker did this "cleanup".  Ahh, the hazards of working with sysadmins who really shouldn't be sysadmins in the first place. When this happened to a colleague (when I worked somewhere else) he restored vmunix by copying from another machine.


Unfortunately, a 68000 kernel does not run very well on a Sparc...

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