It's the basics of an ip camera that can run either on any machine with a usb camera but is really targeted at a raspberry pi. The back end is mostly complete but its lacks a web gui. Code is available on github


Using libcap this is a small console application with a curses gui for tracking the amount of bandwidth usage for specific hosts on the network. Code is on github


Detects usages of duplicate ip addresses on a network using static addresses. It can also log MAC addresses of new devices appearing on a network so it can be useful for tracking people plugging things into a network. Code is on github.


This library uses the LD_PRELOAD technique for flushing out usage of non thread safe libc functions such as strtok. There is more details information in the README inside the git repo.


Its a small framework for writing daemons in C++ it also comes with a C++ and node client. The protocol is based on json and works on the bases of pipe lined rpc calls. On good hardware it is capable of doing 100,000's of calls per second. Code for C++ side and Code for the nodejs side.


It's a small C++ thread safe logging library. It support the normal printf / syslog syntax of logging as well as C++ streams. It also has support for many targets and extra log targets are easy to add. Code is on github


I put a small program together for converting posix error numbers to strings. Where I used to work lots of developers were in favour of doing syslog(LOG_ERR, "Something went wrong %d", errno) and I get really bored of looking them up. Code is on github.

gstreamer plugins

I have written various usful gstreamer plugins for solving some very specific problems. Code is on github


Not all projects that i work on are listed here. You can have a look at my github account for more.

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Last Modified: 21 March 2017