sudo without a password

If you are tired of typing your password all the time and want to be able to sudo without using a password you can modify the sudo configuration so that you can always execute a command as root without a password.

Method 1 - For a single user

Edit the /etc/sudoers configuration file.

Add a line like this replacing the with the correct user of course


Method 2 - For multiple users

Create a new group on the system eg sudo or sudoers nu using the following command. You should be aware that most systems now already have a group setup to do this so you may be able to skip creating the group.

groupadd sudoers

Then add the usernames you want it to work for by using the following command

addgroup yourusername sudoers

Edit the /etc/sudoers configuration file and add the group and tell sudo not to prompt for a password


The above should work on debian / ubuntu and should only be used for trusted users as you have just given them root access without a password so some care should be taken!

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Last Modified: 02 May 2017

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