If you have ever attempted to remove the aspnet_* tables, views and stored procedures from a database you will know that it is not simply straight forward. It takes a little bit of time but before you go disabling any constraints or various things it is possible to remove it from a database without too much effort. It is possible by just reordering the tables before they are deleted. The following will get the job done.

Before running this I would strongly suggest that you take some sort of backup of the database.

DROP VIEW vw_aspnet_Applications
DROP VIEW vw_aspnet_MembershipUsers
DROP VIEW vw_aspnet_Profiles
DROP VIEW vw_aspnet_Roles
DROP VIEW vw_aspnet_Users
DROP VIEW vw_aspnet_UsersInRoles
DROP VIEW vw_aspnet_WebPartState_Paths
DROP VIEW vw_aspnet_WebPartState_Shared
DROP VIEW vw_aspnet_WebPartState_User

DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_AnyDataInTables
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Applications_CreateApplication
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_CheckSchemaVersion
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Membership_ChangePasswordQuestionAndAnswer
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Membership_CreateUser
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Membership_FindUsersByEmail
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Membership_FindUsersByName
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Membership_GetAllUsers
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Membership_GetNumberOfUsersOnline
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Membership_GetPassword
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Membership_GetPasswordWithFormat
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Membership_GetUserByEmail
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Membership_GetUserByName
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Membership_GetUserByUserId
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Membership_ResetPassword
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Membership_SetPassword
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Membership_UnlockUser
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Membership_UpdateUser
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Membership_UpdateUserInfo
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Paths_CreatePath
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Personalization_GetApplicationId
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_PersonalizationAdministration_DeleteAllState
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_PersonalizationAdministration_FindState
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_PersonalizationAdministration_GetCountOfState
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_PersonalizationAdministration_ResetSharedState
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_PersonalizationAdministration_ResetUserState
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_PersonalizationAllUsers_GetPageSettings
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_PersonalizationAllUsers_ResetPageSettings
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_PersonalizationAllUsers_SetPageSettings
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_PersonalizationPerUser_GetPageSettings
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_PersonalizationPerUser_ResetPageSettings
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_PersonalizationPerUser_SetPageSettings
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Profile_DeleteInactiveProfiles
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Profile_DeleteProfiles
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Profile_GetNumberOfInactiveProfiles
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Profile_GetProfiles
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Profile_GetProperties
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Profile_SetProperties
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_RegisterSchemaVersion
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Roles_CreateRole
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Roles_DeleteRole
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Roles_GetAllRoles
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Roles_RoleExists
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Setup_RemoveAllRoleMembers
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Setup_RestorePermissions
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_UnRegisterSchemaVersion
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Users_CreateUser
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_Users_DeleteUser
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_UsersInRoles_AddUsersToRoles
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_UsersInRoles_FindUsersInRole
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_UsersInRoles_GetRolesForUser
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_UsersInRoles_GetUsersInRoles
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_UsersInRoles_IsUserInRole
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_UsersInRoles_RemoveUsersFromRoles
DROP PROCEDURE aspnet_WebEvent_LogEvent

DROP TABLE aspnet_WebEvent_Events
DROP TABLE aspnet_SchemaVersions
DROP TABLE aspnet_Profile
DROP TABLE aspnet_UsersInRoles
DROP TABLE aspnet_Roles
DROP TABLE aspnet_PersonalizationPerUser
DROP TABLE aspnet_PersonalizationAllUsers
DROP TABLE aspnet_Paths
DROP TABLE aspnet_Membership
DROP TABLE aspnet_Users
DROP TABLE aspnet_Applications

DROP SCHEMA aspnet_Membership_FullAccess
DROP SCHEMA aspnet_Membership_ReportingAccess
DROP SCHEMA aspnet_Personalization_FullAccess
DROP SCHEMA aspnet_Membership_BasicAccess
DROP SCHEMA aspnet_Personalization_BasicAccess
DROP SCHEMA aspnet_Personalization_ReportingAccess
DROP SCHEMA aspnet_Profile_BasicAccess
DROP SCHEMA aspnet_Profile_FullAccess
DROP SCHEMA aspnet_Profile_ReportingAccess
DROP SCHEMA aspnet_Roles_BasicAccess
DROP SCHEMA aspnet_Roles_FullAccess
DROP SCHEMA aspnet_Roles_ReportingAccess
DROP SCHEMA aspnet_WebEvent_FullAccess

DROP ROLE aspnet_Membership_FullAccess
DROP ROLE aspnet_Membership_ReportingAccess
DROP ROLE aspnet_Personalization_FullAccess
DROP ROLE aspnet_Membership_BasicAccess
DROP ROLE aspnet_Personalization_BasicAccess
DROP ROLE aspnet_Personalization_ReportingAccess
DROP ROLE aspnet_Profile_FullAccess
DROP ROLE aspnet_Profile_ReportingAccess
DROP ROLE aspnet_Roles_FullAccess
DROP ROLE aspnet_Roles_BasicAccess
DROP ROLE aspnet_Roles_ReportingAccess
DROP ROLE aspnet_WebEvent_FullAccess
DROP ROLE aspnet_Profile_BasicAccess

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Last Modified: 19 February 2017

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